A Little Bit About Myself

Dan Burns profile


I am a congenial, creative thinker. I have worked with U.S. as well as global clients to develop distinctive and engaging communication solutions. I am a clear, confident conveyor of ideas. I am experienced interacting with business owners as well as leading project teams. I embrace new technology and adapt well to change. I enjoy teaching others and exchanging knowledge with peers.

During my career, I have worked at creative firms and in-house creative departments located in Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; and Charlotte, North Carolina where I performed in many different roles such as art director, graphic designer, website coder, animator, illustrator, photographer, videographer and video editor. These experiences have provided me with a enhanced understanding of the knowledge, skills, tools and time that are required to deliver engaging multidimensional communication solutions.

In my free time, I enjoy biking and hiking the foothills of Western North Carolina with family and friends.

My Values

Be kind.

Be kind to yourself in thoughts and be kind to others in words and actions. Everyone is facing a challenge of some type everyday.

Be curious.

Ask questions, use every experience (including the disappointments, setbacks and failures) as an opportunity to learn and develop your knowledge and abilities.

Be true.

Be yourself. Be honest with your words and actions. Accept, own and learn from your mistakes. “Temet Nosce.”

Be healthy.

Eat well, exercise, spend time with family/friends, quiet time each day to read/meditate/seek spiritual renewal and maintain consistant sleep schedule.