EY Tech Talks

Building an innovative learning environment

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Project Details


EY’s learning community desired to move away from strict episodic learning and achieve a broader return on investment for their “Tech Talks” — informational sessions that took place during the 2018 Executive Tax Update (ETU) conference.


  • Provide users with traditional online interaction as well as an immersive 360° tour experience that simulates being at the event and attending various Tech Talks sessions
  • Provide users with videos of event presentations
  • Provide users with links to event materials

Key Website Features

  • Implemented Bootstrap 4.6 frontend toolkit to build site
  • Implemented Pannellum panorama viewer to display 360° views


  • Art Director/Designer: Aaron Sextella
  • 360° Photography: Aaron Sextella
  • Video Capture and Editing: Mike Peters and Scott Stewart
  • Interactive Media Technologist: Dan Burns

Project Solution

Wireframes of traditional website layouts for desktop and mobile devices.

Wireframes of immersive 360° layouts for desktop and mobile devices.

Sample of 360° Experience

The video below provides a walk-through of user experience of the 360° navigation.